Faith Programs (optional)

Delta Life is the optional faith development program for junior and senior high Trailmen.

Delta Life is not a “replacement” for PRAY Publishing religious awards (God & me, God & Family ….) which may be pursued by Trailmen if they desire. Units that are accustomed to using PRAY materials may continue to do so.

The Delta Life program takes a different approach than PRAY. For example, PRAY is focused on helping a youth understand the basics of his denominational faith practices (i.e. major doctrinal positions), church history, the importance of participation, etc.

Junior High – “Manhood Journey”

The Manhood Journey for grades 6-8 is a father-son mentoring/discipleship program that examines our biblical roles as men, husbands, fathers through a series of “follow the bouncing ball discussion guides” set up in six week modules. There’s a 2-3 week break between modules for a fun event planned by the group so that they can socialize, have a break from the weekly meetings and get to know each other better while they reflect on the sessions. Six modules are done (36 weeks of content), six more modules in the pipeline to be fleshed out.

Senior High – “Band of Brothers”

The Band of Brothers program is a peer to peer accountability program that incorporates bible study and mentoring. This is intended to teach the boys how to work together to maintain vigil against peer pressure. This is something they can carry with them through the rest of their lives as adults, too.

The men can participate in Band of Brothers and it would be a good thing for the dads of the unit to consider participating — both to set an example, and to benefit directly.

Both of these programs are co-branded from like-minded organizations who have granted permission for us to use within our program.

Some details are still being worked on, needless to say.

Vanguard Life Program:

In Vanguard, we take the best and brightest young men, who have the most passion for Christ, and with them we build Trail Life USA. Some have described Vanguard as a volunteer internship program, or a Junior Commissioner Program. Vanguard helps run local areas, run events, helps commissioners service new units and even existing troops. Vanguard serves as Honor Guards and Color Guards for larger Trail Life events. Vanguard will help run summer programs, if we ever have summer camps, they can serve as Staff. Vanguard launches projects to further develop Trail Life in the inner cities and rural areas. They can help run High Adventure trips. The possibilities are endless. One person, after reading this, compared Vanguard to our “Special Forces”

Vanguard of course is High Intensity and High Commitment, we compare commitment in Vanguard to the commitment given to a varsity sport. That said, Vanguard is not for everyone, in fact it’s for a small percentage of young men who see their service in Trail Life not ending with High School. Vanguard will be an indispensable part of running and launching College aged Guidon programs (that’s for the Guidon Team to share more). In our vision, our future staff one day will be made up of many former Vanguards, as will our Board of directors and so forth. This is why Vanguard could also have some “West Point” aspects.

Vanguard is not Peer election. Vanguard members must be recommended by their Troop Leaders, submit an application with references and must interview before a Recruitment Board. This Board is made up of at least three Trail Life leaders. Vanguards must also complete and pass a 10 day wilderness training course.


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