Adventurers (9th-12th Grade)

Adventurers chartAdventurers for older boys in grades 9 thru 12 provides advanced work in more challenging topics such as emergency preparedness and …

The Adventurer program also provides for a more challenging Trail Experience — backpacking, climbing, kayaking, etc.

Typically, the leaders of the unit (first officer, second officer, quartermaster) come from these older boys.  This leadership team is responsible for planning and running meetings and outings.

At this level, advancement continues to focus on a mix of required and elective badges for skill mastery, but also ups the required level of service provided to others.  The Journey Award is the “joining award” for bridging over from Navigators, and the Horizon Award represents the rough equivalent of the BSA Eagle Award (except for a leadership project).

Adventurers Requirements
The TLUSA pinnacle award is called the FREEDOM AWARD and represents a significant commitment to the program beyond what is expected from an equivalent perspective at BSA.

Freedom AwardOnce a Trailman has earned his Horizon Award, he will work on a servant leadership project, and document four “Freedom Experiences” or life events where he has had an opportunity to demonstrate his skills and leadership which have been learned during his time with Trail Life.  For example, this might include serving in student government, or earning a group of four electives in a particular interest area.  Two of these experiences must be from the same interest area (i.e. a “major”) and the other two can be from other areas of interest (i.e. “minors”).


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