Enjoy Fall Events Outdoors

A great article that includes many links to outdoor activities, events and festivals can be found at http://camping.about.com/od/outdooreventswithcamping/a/Fall-Events.htm

The fall season is often a prime time for outdoor activities at state parks, campgrounds, farms and county harvest fairs. Scouts Summer Fall 2010 319Pleasantly warm weather with cool breezes characterize the weather in many parts of the USA at this time of year, and family or group events are easy to plan.

Of course, you could also search for local farms, orchards, county fairs, and the like.  Many of these programs would make excellent outings for your youth group, TLUSA team, or as a simple family event.

Wherever you go, make sure to post some pictures and let others know about that resource — even if they have to wait until next year to visit!  Building a list of local favorite events is the first step towards establishing a fun tradition of repeat visits.

Have a wonderful conclusion to your summer and a great autumn.



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