Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Walking Worthy, respecting authority and being a good steward of creation each call Trailman to be ready for anticipated hazards in the outdoors.  Being ready for storms, wildlife encounters and other threats to good health starts with getting to know about these threats and how to deal with them (or when to retreat from them depending on the situation!)

This week is “Lightning Safety Awareness Week” (from June 22 to June 28) and is being promoted by the National Weather Service (among others).  To learn more about lightning,  you can visit a special web site (

At this site, you can find details about:

  • How people are struck by lightning
  • Tips for safety (for both indoors and outdoors)
  • Lightning Myths and Facts
  • Science facts about lightning and storms
  • Downloadable resources

While lightning strikes can happen at any time of year, they’re most frequent and common during the summer months.  When you’re planning to be outside (whether hiking, camping, climbing, boating or swimming, etc.) you ought to be aware of your safety practices for dealing with lightning.

The American Red Cross also has information on this important safety topic:


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