First Meeting for NJ’s Second TLUSA Troop!

On Friday, January 31st, New Jersey’s second fully chartered Trail Life Troop held it’s first meeting at Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, NJ.

The first troop to complete the chartering process was NJ-0316, based in Old Bridge, NJ at Calvary Chapel.

This unit was formerly a BSA Troop and Pack, and was home to my sons from 2008 until 2010 when we formed a new unit in Hackensack, NJ.

Rejected Uniform's of TLUSA

A Rejected Uniform Suggestion (LOL)

On this Friday evening, we held our opening ceremony with 45 boys and a dozen leaders and even more parents in attendance.

  • The First Officer taught everyone the Trail Life sign and salute, and we practiced reciting the Oath.
  • A presentation covering the basics of the program gave both the boys and their parents an update on things like uniforms, what to expect from typical meetings and such.  The parents understood the need to move deliberately and circumspectly on the design of the uniforms, and the boys had a great laugh when we displayed images of the uniform designs that we’d suggested but had eliminated.  Besides “swiss guards” and “tactical battle kilts” (not all the men had legs to make them work) we also showed other fanciful options that we assured them would not be making their way into TLUSA.
  • After a question and answer session, the Troop Chaplain delivered a devotional on the meaning of the TLUSA motto “Walk Worthy”
  • All patrols were dismissed to their respective meeting places for specific curriculum studies and the meeting adjourned by 9 PM.

Troop 777 intends to meet on a twice-monthly schedule, and is working out their camping and outing calendar for the remainder of the school season.  Potential trips to the National Constitution Center for civics, camping at various parks and private camps, and other activities are being considered.

If you live in the Metro NYC area of Northern NJ and would like to connect to a local unit, or get more information about starting a troop near your home, please contact Trail Life USA Volunteer, Paul Farrell or register at

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2 thoughts on “First Meeting for NJ’s Second TLUSA Troop!

  1. I just found out about this organization today. I have an 11 year old son. He tried scouts a few years ago and didn’t like it. The main things he didn’t like about I think would not be an issue with this new organization. He didn’t like the fact that the troop was so crowded and noisy, so many kids that you didn’t even get the opportunity to really get to know any of the troop leader parents or children. The other concern was that due to the fact that BSA is an organization of longstanding, many boys who had older brothers or fathers that had been involved for years got preferential treatment, and had more status. This resulted in bullying and a feeling of superiority on behalf of long standing scout families. It made us all feel bad, and was the opposite of the Christian values I was homing would be inculcated. I never did see any Christian behavior. I am excited to receive some info about this.

    • Cheryl,
      Glad you found this blog site. There’s a lot more information at including a “troop locator” page that you can use to find a unit near where you live (by zip code, etc.) My own sons initial rejected the local boy scout troops for similar reasons — too much chaos and not enough learning or fun. Ultimately we did find a great troop that had a good balance of fun and learning. Later, we formed our own unit instead of commuting 40 minutes in each direction for meetings. It was a great experience in both circumstances. Thanks for offering the comment!

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