The Trailman’s Standard

As reported on (2/4/2014)

We (Trail Life USA) are manufacturing Standards for sale on the national store later during the year. Many are asking about this. Here’s a summary of the Standards:

This is the ceremonial Standard that will be issued to Trailmen by their troop upon completion of the Able Trailmen Rank. It will be a specifically designed Standard available on the Trail Life USA store with special features and designed to display advancement (instead of using a merit badge sash as in the BSA). This Standard will have some customizable features and will be designed to display a specific set of medallions and insignia earned in the program. It will be used on ceremonial occasions such as Courts of Honor, parades, and other formal occasions. This Troop Standard will be available in a few months as it is being specifically designed for us.

This is a functional everyday walking stick used by any youth or adult member. The walking stick is a powerful symbol of Trail Life USA. As such, many youth and adults will want to have one, not just the boys that receive the ceremonial standard during their rank advancement. Any boy or adult may obviously whittle his own walking stick or purchase one at any time. We are looking to make several options for trail walking sticks available on our national store at a decent price where we may be able to make a few bucks as well. Hopefully we will be able to list some options in the near future. For those that are hobby collectors, these Trail Standards could be used to display non-program medallions that can be collected from many places that are visited on hikes, etc. around the country.

Just as Troop Uniforms are being specially manufactured for Trail Life for release later this year, so are the Standards, medallions, and patches. In the meantime, you may need to award a card or some other record of achievements earned until the full gamut of awards, insignia, uniforms, and standards are available for purchase.


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