Manhood Journey

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Manhood Journey is a “discussion-based bible study for Fathers and Sons” and is part of the Trail Life USA optional faith building program called the Delta Life Program (

In a recent blog post, the author posed the following thoughts:

For too long, the world has taught us that “boys will be boys.” I remember hearing as a kid, “Enjoy your childhood while you can!”

Now that mid-life has arrived, and I have two sons of my own, I see how flawed this thinking is. Why should we encourage our boys to embrace the childishness of childhood?

This leads to a few other questions:

    • How does immaturity benefit a boy?
    • How does selfishness benefit him?
    • How does silliness benefit him?

If we simply accept that this is the way boys are, we have sold our young men short.[emphasis added]

The blog continues by offering a clear explanation of the author’s concerns and biblical support for granting increasing responsibilities to boys at young ages, and then by mentoring them to find success and a desire to take on greater challenges.  In short, to teach them assertive acceptance of responsibility, and to shun passivity by accepting leadership in age-appropriate context.

Trail Life USA helps fathers and sons with that opportunity.  The program is designed to build self-confidence and self-reliance by moving towards jobs and duties of greater responsibility.   Best of all, Trail Life is FUN.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trail Life, check out their official site at and if you’re looking for a unit near where you live, use the Troop Locator Map or the “Connect me to a troop” form at

Manhood Journey – 3 Fathers Intro from Kent Evans on Vimeo.

WALK WORTHY, Trailmen!

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