Trail Life USA Growth in Texas Reported

The Dallas Morning News featured an article about the explosive growth of Trail Life USA in Texas.  From the article:

“Trail Life is very much what families want,” said Rob Green, a former BSA executive who is CEO of the new group.

In its structure, Trail Life isn’t reinventing the wheel. It patterns itself after the Boy Scouts with uniforms, awards for completing projects, military-style ranks, and an outdoor orientation.

While Trail Life’s program is openly Christian, leaders insist that members of other faith groups are welcome.

Scarborough, a former BSA assistant scoutmaster, is responsible for organizing new Trail Life troops in the Texas Panhandle. As of last week, he said, six troops were ready to come online in his area.

“I’ve got 20 men where who are BSA-trained heavy hitters,” he said. “My email is getting busier each day with parents getting ready to come over to us.”

Ron Orr, a Fort Worth-based business consultant, is southwest regional director for Trail Life, representing Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. He and his son — both are Eagle Scouts — are leaving BSA for a fledgling Trail Life troop chartered through the Northeast Tarrant County Association of Christian Home Schoolers.

Trail Life has developed 25 “pre-chartered troops” in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Orr said, with commitments for an additional 30 troops elsewhere in Texas. Leaders are in place in all major metropolitan areas, he said.

“I don’t know if we will grow 10 percent, 20 percent or 50 percent next year,” Orr said. “But we will grow.”

“Success is not numbers,” Green said. “We want to be the premier youth group, period. The big concern is whether we deliver the program we say we are.”

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