Re-Blog: Are Your Children Walking with the Wise? (NCFIC)

Are Your Children Walking with the Wise? | Blog | NCFIC.

From the article:

In Proverbs 13:20, God commends those who seek out wisdom by walking with those who are wise. However, someone who spends his time with fools will be destroyed. In Proverbs 22:15, … Do you want your children to be wise? Put them in the company of biblically wise people. Do you want your children to be wise? Train them as it says in Deuteronomy 6:6-9. Do you want your children to be wise? Obey the Word of God and command them to seek wisdom with all of their heart. Model this for them, and seek that wisdom with your children.

Click the link, above, to review the entire article at it’s home site.

The choices parents make to involve their children in youth activities (sports, outdoor adventuring, choir, drama, debate, etc.) have a strong affect on their development of wisdom,  Spending large amounts of unstructured time with similar aged children (aka “Socialization” or “Dealing with Peer Pressure”) tends to teach them how to argue, point, leer, tell gross jokes, etc.  Structured activity, especially those that place responsibilities on the children aim higher and tend towards leadership development.

The type and style of responsibility, leadership and interpersonal skills learned are very different among youth programs.  Some programs focus on entertainment, others on competition with winning as paramount, and some on servant leadership where service to others and teamwork are most important.  I used to find this type of leadership in scouting, but now our family is planning on pursuing it through Trail Life USA.

Trail Life’s advantages are many:

  • Consistent, exciting, fun curriculum that runs from K to College
  • Curriculum that intertwines scripture throughout the introduction of highly valuable life skills such as physical fitness, first aid, lifesaving, cooking, camping, vocational skills and more (balances temporal skills and preparation for eternity)
  • Faith building activities for father and son through “The Manhood Journey” (grades 6-8) and “Band of Brothers” (grades 9-12)
  • Getting outdoors to practice survival and adventure skills
  • Young men leading boys under the guidance and oversight of Adults — learning to accept and deal with responsibility properly
  • Advancement awards that focus just as heavily on service to others and maturing through ministry projects or “Life Experiences” as on “getting badges”
  • A pinnacle award that is more difficult to attain than the lauded “Eagle Badge”, and is more focused more on practical service and leadership
  • A program that is not only faith focused, but decidedly Christian in it’s “DNA” or “roots”
  • A partnership with American Heritage Girls to accommodate sisters who are looking for a similar program.

To learn more about Trail Life USA, consider these resources:


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