Family Worship – Reposted from NCFIC’s blog

Reasons Family Worship Is Required | Blog | NCFIC.

The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches suggests that family worship is required for a spiritually happy and healthy home.  I don’t disagree even though I wince a little at the word “required”– my mind shudders with a guilty conscience that we don’t practice this consistently, but my heart knows it’s accurate that we ought to.

  • What about you and your family?  Do you discuss the word of God in the home or leave that for Sundays in a “church building”?
  • If we are to adhere to our motto of “walk worthy” can we be successful without family devotions or family worship
  • Maybe the better question is “wouldn’t we benefit from family devotions and worship if we pursued this as a priority in our lives?”

Check out their blog and consider whether adding elements of family worship (even bit by bit) would bless your family’s spiritual well being.

Walk Worthy!


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